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PIS - Business information system

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PIS - Business information system - Ltd.

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Version no. Date of modification 22.7.2019


The PIS software package (Business Information System) is designed to modernise business operations.



The system allows us a new, modern way of doing business. To work with the business solution no special computer knowledge is required, let alone some basic knowledge of Windows environment. All the work is carried out in English. When installing the system, the course is available, providing users with sufficient knowledge for executing normal operations. If any questions appear, they may be overcome with this manual.


The PIS system is a new and modern way of doing business. Work with the software solution is simple and requires no special computer knowledge. A learning course is provided with the system to teach users how to use the system. Further help is provided with this manual.


The advantage of this package is its compactness. It is built modularly, and all the modules are connected to each other. This means that the modules interact with each other, so you have to add the same information only once, and the program takes care of all necessary transfers by itself. For example when you issue a bill it goes automatically into financial books.